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American Hi-Fi was formed in Boston Mass. in 1998. Stacy Jones who were in many other bands (Letters to cleo, Verica Salt) as a drummer. Stacy had never sang a note nor played guitar so after shows he bought a Mel Bays guitar book and taught himself to play the guitar in the back of the tour bus. After the Verica Salt tour, Stacy formed his own band with three of his friends, Brian Nolan, Jamie Arentzen and Drew Parsons. they were in other bands but they sat around, drink Beer and play Cheap trick covers. In the Summer, Stacy headed to Maui to help record Nina Gordan's debut record with producer Bob Rock. while he was there, he told Bob Rock about his band and slip demos here and there. Mr. Rock was interested and had the band fly to Maui to record an Album. During that time, they played at local Bars in Maui for seven months. During their time, their band was called "BMX Girl" but Bob Rock felt that it "Sucked" and changed it to American Hi-Fi. The Album "American Hi-Fi" hit stores in Febuary 2001 (Labeled by Island Records), The first single "Flavor of the Weak" became a huge hit and the song flooded the radios throughout the summer. the Album was successful and they toured the world. Their Sophomore album "The Art of Losing", ditched the old school rock style and went with producer "Nick Laundry". The album was a College rock album built with deep rifts and pop punk sound. Their first single "The Art of Losing" was a Semi-hit but failed to comparison of "Flavor of the Weak". The Album was not successful and the band was dropped by Island Records during their European Tour due to poor album sales. In the Summer of 2004, American Hi-Fi was label-less and was seeked a different direction for the band's sound. The band headed to Los Angeles California to work on their new album with producer "Butch Walker". The album "Hearts on Parade" was released in Japan that summer and American Hi-Fi Joined Butch Walker to a successful tour called "The Clash of the Heavyweights". The Hi-Fi killers toured for a year and a half. In 2005 the band were signed by Madonna's label "Maverick Records" and released their album "Hearts on Parade" in the internationally on April 13th 2005. On March 2006, American Hi-Fi released "The Rescue" as a single and was picked up by Playtone Records for the Movie "Return of Superman" soundtrack, it became a feature single for the movie. The single made the top 100 singles on the Radio in Spring of 2005. Later in 2005, Drummer Jason Sutter had left the band permently to become a member of the band "Smash Mouth". Stacy Jones and his long-time Girlfriend got married in September of 2006. Jamie and Drew has been spoted playing for a side project band. In 2007, American Hi-Fi went back into the studio to record their 4th record "Fight the frequency" in effort to bring back their original sound from their self-titled album. Original member Brian Nolan rejoined the band and in the summer of 2010, "Fight the frequency" was released. "Lost" became the first single off the new album with an official music video. The single failed to chart. In 2011, front man Stacy Jones became the Music Director for Miley Cyrus and soon Jamie Arentzen joined Cyrus's tour for lead guitar. At the time, the future of American Hi-Fi was inconclusive, "Fight the Frequency" failed to chart and an official tour was not scheduled. In 2012, Stacy Jones annouced the band would head back into the studio to record their 5th studio album with legendary producer John Fields. The band released sample tracks on social media and in 2013 the band was signed by european label "Rude Records". In 2014, American Hi-Fi released their first single "Allison" and annouced the new album title "Blood and Lemonade". In August 2014, "Golden State" became the second single with music video. On September 9th 2014, after three years in the making, "Blood and Lemonade" album was released. For more up to the minute news log on to Facebook.com/americanhifi for more details. To learn more about American HI-Fi, Log on to www.AmericanHi-Fi.com
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