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9/11/2014: WAKE UP! WAKE UP! It's finally here, "Blood and Lemonade" is in stores NOW. American Hi-Fi released their 5th studio album on September 9th and already the reviews are positive. The band released their 2nd single "Golden State" prior to the album's release and has hit nearly 20,000 hits within the first three weeks. With the band's different direction in sound, marketing and approach to the music industry, American Hi-Fi has matured into a band where fans who've left are coming back intrigued. In 2013, front man Stacy Jones annouced that "Blood and Lemonade" will reflect on the first record but have more of a Foo fighters approach, he did not disapoint. The album was produced by legendary producer John Fields who have produced albums for artists such as The Goo Goo Dolls, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Eat World, Lifehouse and many others. Fields influence was a major upgrade from the band's previous record "Fight the Frequency" by the structure of the album and song selection. In my opinion, this is their best record yet. Nothing will ever top their self-titled debut album however this record deminstrates the band's maturity and roots. This album is more of a trend starter and checking the pulse on the rock genre. In honor of the new album and lack of updating, I have revamped the whole website with the American Hi-Fi fan forum colors. Although the forum is no longer online, it had inspire me 10 years ago to create a fan website for this band. Most of the fan websites have been taken down, lots have jumped off the band wagon before and after "Hearts on Parade" however this website will continue to be a central fan site. Thank you for continuing to visit the website, leaving comments and staying within the Hi-Fi community. Enjoy! 1/28/2014: Still Sideways... A new year and still no sight of a new record. In October, the band released a track from the new record on the front page of their Official Web-site. The band has reported that a new record will be released in Summer of 2014. Half the band is currently touring for Miley Cyrus. Stacy Jones had recently toured with Matchbox Twenty as their temporary drummer. As soon as new information comes out, we will report it. 6/17/2012: Where did we go wrong? After a two year absense, it is safe to say we are still around. Nothing HI-FI related has been released up til this spring but there were no for sure plans other then a future 5th record is in place. "Fight the frequency" had little success especially with a low supporting tour in promoting the record. It was unknown if the band were going to continue making music or disband after 12 years. However, Recently American HI-FI signed with Gomba Music records and their band wagon fans were still in line waiting for new material. Over 204 Emails were untouched for 2 years asking if there were any news on the HI-Fi boys, "Are they breaking up?", "Any new demos?"..etc. Honestly, it was amazing on how many fans all over the world were still gunning for this band and i am proud to part of it. The number one question on every Hi-Fi fan's mind is "What sound will the band present in their upcoming record". If you have been around since 2001, we've seen the Metal Pop rock sound to Punk Rock roots to Vintage Pop 80's sound. It was a roller coaster ride for many of the fans however many stuck through it. So I decided to do some research on their 5th record and found it was produced by John fields. Fields produced records with many bands including Jimmy Eats world, Andrew W.K., Switchfoot and Goo Goo Dolls recent platnium hit "Something for the rest of us". As a musician, it is very good news for a band like American Hi-Fi to stick between the middle of a Pop Rock culture. I have a good feeling on what this record would sound like and if you don't know then I highly suggest listening to bands I provide samples of. Hi-Fi's 5th record comes out this Fall, no new material has leaked out but as soon as we hear it you'll be the first to know. 8/23/2010: Are you fighting the frequency? So after 5 years of going through hoops, I am proud to say that it is finally here. The new American Hi-Fi album is released. I hope many of you went out and bought the record at your local record store or even on ITunes. Now some of you have messaged me about "Recover the stars", some of the records carry the song as a bonus track after "Tiny Sparks". Anyways, we have a NEW fanwall so you can post your comments about the band so please enjoy but keep it PG! :) btw I want to let everyone know that I do check all my feedback mail that is sent from the site so don't think Im ignoring any of your feedback because I greatly appreciate it all! I've been busy working with my own band "Finding Frequency" (www.myspace.com/findingfrequency) and yes its a cool name lol. Maybe ill see you at a show or two.. stay tunnnneed. 7/3: It's been a while eh? heres a review. So heres my review of the new record "Fight the Frequency So my buddy for some reason had an advanced copy of "Fight the Frequency", I have no clue how he got it but anyways I heard the whole record and I can't wait to buy it. Theres no question it sounds way mature then HOP (no offense) but the sounds that are created on this record sounds like a follow up to their untitled record (2001) and very distant from "The Art of Losing" and "Hearts on Parade" (unless you want to count "Taste from Crime" a HOP flav). I do believe the Miley Cyrus experience had some impact on this record, no not the bubblegum experience lol but mainstream with a vintiage touch. Lyrics were disapointing, im sorry but I believe a great song is something that is well produced, creativity and songwriting ability. Lyrics just didn't cut it and til this day "Hearts on Parade" is the best lyrics writen album by the band. The Producing was very good and I expected it after hearing "Fight the frequency" song. I know some people don't really give the credit where the credit is due but again American Hi-Fi makes a good Intro and ending song for the record, they did it in all 3 of their past records. After listening to the last track "Tiny Spark", I got full from this delicious record and goosebumps slowly creep up down my spine. It made me sad how they didn't release a record like this in 2003 where their popularity was bigger then it is today. Will it be too late? who knows however Promotion on this record will be needed and it will be tough being an Indie label and all but I do believe the ole faithful American Hi-Fi fans will finally be smiling in relief after a 5 year wait. For those who have gave up on the band, they will be back.. its ashame but it was so worth the wait Smile. Highlights - "Fight the Frequency": If you were a follower of this band though their transition period of demos, you would quickly realize how well they did this song. Til this day, i am still a big fan of their Lyrics from their first demo of this song however the song just sounds complete. -"Stargazer": Simply an American Hi-Fi classic, I believe its the type of song that will help you define who is playing this song. Modern Pop Rock with a kick of 70's Rock is what comes out from your headphones. Well produced. -"Lookout for hope": Probabily the best writen lyrics off the record. It's simular to "Fight the Frequency", do I want to call it a sister song? no because the lyrics doesn't feel like a sequal however the sounds do. Hearts on Parade meets Fight the Frequency, could that help you understand? -"Lost": Made for TV/Movie song. I wont be surprised if I hear this song in a movie preview. I really expected this song to be the last song on the record but after hearing the whole record it fits perfect on where it stands on the record. -"Keep it like a secret": I have been a huge fan of this song ever since the first demo came out in 2007. Vocal effects sounds really good, not fake and yet it blends into the song. -"Tiny Sparks": So you ripped a page out of the first record with the songl "The Wall of Sound" huh? well guess what? BRILLIANT! I really like this song, it gave me goosebumps just like how "The Wall of the sound" did. Its a long song however in my beliefs the last song on the record should give you a lasting impression and they did in a positive way. Well Produced. Lowlights -"Taste for Crime": Alright don't get me wrong, its a good song but if your like me and listen to the record from 1 through 12, you wonder if this song really fits in this record? no disrespect or anything but if you want to bring back songs that didn't make the past records like "Victory song", "Dead on the inside" and my favorite "Where gonna find a way", it makes you wonder why none of those were included in this record. Sure the songs been used in EPs but the whole concept of an ep is my outlook on a blueprint song that could make the LP one day. Hearts on Parade fans, you'll like it. -"Bullet": I really don't like to be a critic but I never felt the song ever since the first demo came out. The Lyrics really don't make sense however theres hope in this song when it comes to the Bridge. I do believe the Bridge is the best bridge out of the whole record which gets you pumped! "Frat Clump": Concert song? yes. Album song? not feeling it. Hardcore punk no doubt about it with a vintage touch. I gonna be honest with you when I heard the first demo I thought this song will not make the record but I was wrong. Luckly its a 2:13 song which for the first time in my American Hi-Fi fan experience, I couldn't wait til the song to end. Overall: 4 out of 5 OVERALL Rundown Vocals: 7.80 Best Example: "Where love is a lie" Musicianship: 8.75 Lyrics : 3.5 Best Example:"Bullet" Production: 9.0 Best example:"Tiny sparks"/"Lost" Creativity : 8.10 Best Example: "Fight the Frequency" Lasting Value: 8.0 Reviewer Tilt : 8.3 Best song: "Tiny Sparks": Great Lyrics, defines the record, Vintage song, very simular to their freshman record and well behold its the last song off of the record which goes out asking for an encore. 3/25: "Fight the frequency" August 16th! Mark it down on your calender, American HI-Fi will be releasing their long waited album "Fight the Frequency" August 16th. The availabilty is unknown right now however we'll keep you posted. Also, a new interview with the guys from AP.com Big thanks to Philip for informing with the big news. I've been really busy in the studio recording my debut record from my band "The Nights n Weekends" . I also want to say thanks for the feedback, we've been receiving a lot of positive feedback about the new look and updated Hi-Fi info. 2/19: New contest feature! Recently we have been getting a lot of submissions of American Hi-Fi covers and believe me they were all great but due to the server size and videos in "HiFi Media", we unfortantally cannot accept all videos so I thought of an idea. Starting in March, each month we'll pick the "Cover of the month" and post it right on the site. Email your video or link to teenagealiennation@live.com. At the end of each month we'll pick the best one. No worries though, you can resubmit every month if you weren't picked. Thanks and Good luck! 12/14: NEW LYRICS! As requested: "Where love is a lie", "Lost" and "Recover the stars". Go check out the Lyrics section for full details. 11/30: GET LOST! American Hi-Fi will be releasing their first single "Lost", which would be the name of the new record. Big ups for many of the hi-fi fans who messaged me the news. We also got a hold of the album art cover, but want to confrim it with the hi-fi guys. 8/7: Hi-Fi recovers the stars! As posted on their myspace, The Hi-Fi guys released (as I would surpose) a single "Recover the stars" off their new upcoming record. 6/18:American Hi-Fi What's on "The Low"? With Hi-Fi fans still awaiting the greatly appreative 4th studio album. The boys posted on their twitter that their mixing the new record currently but no release date has been set. Meanwhile, AHF released "This is a low" on their myspace so go check it out! 3/6:SKOPE interviews lead front man Stacy Jones. SKOPE Ent. releases a phone interview with Stacy Jones before their show in Boston earlier this month. Head over to the Media section for full-interview link. 1/20/09:HI-FI releases Acetate! The band releases another demo out on their myspace page "Acetate". TAN gives you a listen on the main page. -----------------End of 2008-------------------------- 12/17:Drew gets personal, NEW INTERVIEW! Big credit goes to Tony Boissaye in an excusive interview with American Hi-Fi's Bassist Drew Persons. Tony sat down with Drew to talk about the experiences with the band, behind the scenes of the touring and all 3 records. Drew also talks about the new label, record being done and when the record is expected to come out. Check out the exclusive Interview Page for complete Interview! 12/08:Hi-Fi goes Original Signal As spotted from the OriginalSignalrecordings.com site. American Hi-Fi has signed with the company and plans for the new record should come in Early 2009. 11/7: New Lyrics!!!! So many have requested lyrics for the new 5 songs including a new verison of "Fight the frequency" with different lyrics, so I added them on lyrics section. By the way, Check out the Hi-Fi's Myspace page with the new verison of "Fight the frequency". 6/16:HI-FI UPDATE WITH VIDEOS! So the guys are still working on the album and doing some shows in the LA Area as well. We have some videos posted on Youtube from the troubadour show in April. Teenage Alien Nation: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=w5SppZms8Iw&feature=user Wall of Sound: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dAtO8456zfg Flavor of the Weak: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=sA75C4jZf2g&feature=user 2/26:FIGHT THE FREQUENCY! The guys released another demo on their Myspace page called 'Fight the Frequency", its a really cool song go check it out! 2/23: New Track! American HI-FI has released a new track "Frat clump" on their myspace page. The track is a live demo that will be on the new album. 1/08 : Caught back in the Wall of Sound! The Hi-Fi guys are back! after doing side projects, getting Brian Nolan back and working with Miley Cirus, American Hi-Fi is back with the sound that made them of what they are today. Two new tracks were released on their myspace ("Keep it like a Secret" and "Taste of Crime") page for their upcoming album (TBA). According to the band, In Mid-February they will be heading to Los Angeles for a meeting towards the new album. 9/7/07: HI-FI UPDATE....FINALLY "Hey -- hope you all stayed out of trouble this summer...wanted to update you all on what we've been up to. We are so pumped to be recording our new album, and we're putting the finishing touches on that now. We'll be spending the next few months mixing it and getting it all wrapped up. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, we've all been keeping ourselves busy. Two of us (Stacy and Jamie) will be spending the next few months on the road with Hannah Montana (a.k.a. Miley Cyrus) on her Best of Both Worlds Tour. If any of you want to come out and see us, tickets are here. The tour kicks off Oct 18 in St. Louis and wraps up Jan 9 in Albany, NY. Jamie has also been producing an amazing new album by a band called Verona Grove. Their album just came out...check it out. Jamie will also be doing a little stint with Butch Walker in early September. Stacy has been working with Low vs Diamond, Endeverafter and Meg and Dia. Drew's been working on his tan and recording with some old friends. Later! Drew, Jamie and Stacy" So the boys are doing some side projects but hey you gotta pay the bills some how right? 7/8/07: NEW song by American Hi-Fi for "Transformers" The movie. The Hi-Fi Boys released their latest song for the Movie "Transformers", Oh I bet you wanna listen to it right? GO CHECK IT OUT! 6/11/07: American HI-Fi Space out! American Hi-Fi has changed up their myspace so go ahead and chance it out, the link is located on top right there. 5/25/07: HIFI UPDATE! "Hey Everybody! Just wanted to let you all know that we're working on our fourth record right now. It's going great, and although we are not sure who will be releasing it, or when it will be released, all we know is that it's getting done! As always, thanks for all of your support. We will keep you posted! Drew, Jamie, and Stacy" 5/23/07:The Art of Losing gets HOT ROD! American Hi-Fi's 1st single "The Art of losing" off of their 2nd album "The Art of Losing" will feature in this Summer's Hit movie "HOT ROD". 4/28/07: Former American Hi-Fi Drummer Brian Nolan is BACK! Our Dearest fan Fran has informed me that Former Brian Nolan will be rejoining the band. Fran who was at the Butch Walker show (Which you may know Jamie Arentzen Lead Guitarist for AHF is Guitarst for Butch Walker for the month) talked to Jamie and he has informed her that Brian will be back and both him and Brian will head to the studio next month (May). 4/27/07:AMERICAN HI-FI BACK IN STUDIO FOR 4TH UPCOMING ALBUM! Drew say on New Album: "Hey, it's Drew, is anyone still here? I have been absent from the world of Hi-Fi for the past year, and just decided that it was time to return. The main reason I'm back in the world of Hi-Fi is because in a few weeks, I'll be heading out to sunny LA to begin recording AHF's fourth album! Jamie. Stacy, and I are real excited to get together, have many beers, and write some new jams! No idea what it's going to sound like, when it's coming out, or who will be releasing it, but who cares! We're making another record, dammit, and thats all that matters right now. Thanks to all of you that have still shown support for the Hi-Fi. You are the main reason why we're doing this. Stay tuned for more updates; can't wait to play oyu some new tunes! Drew" It is scheduled that in May of 07' the Band will get together to record the upcoming album. 4/20/07:HI-FI Lead Guitarist joins Butch Walker American Hi-Fi Lead Guitarist Jamie Arentzen joins Butch Walker's band for Butch Walker's Tour. Article Jamie Footage in the band 1/21/07: HIFi got "Lovewrecked" In the ABC Movie "Lovewrecked", American Hi-Fi's song "Hell Yeah" is played on there. 1/2/07:American Hi-Fi UPDATE!!! Drew Parsons (bass player) sent me a Private Message during the Holidays and I would like share on whats happening with the Hi-Fi Guys. "Hey Bren Happy Holidays! yeah, not checking the website very often, but I do still check this email every so often. I don't have much news on the HI-FI front, every one has just been too busy doing other things this past year. I had dinner and drinks with Stacy the other night, and we both felt that another record should be made at some point, and some minimal touring would be fun as well. Not sure when or if any of that will happen, just depends on when everyone can spare some time to get together. Thanks for the continued support, I know that none of us would even consider making another record(except for the fact that it would be a lot of fun!) if it wasn't for all of the fan's responses on our website and myspace drew" So in other words, lets hope and cross our fingers that the guys will be back to do another album... 11/28/06-American Hi-Fi's single "The Geeks get the girls" will be featured on "Beauty of the Geeks" on MTV and "The New CW", check local listings for time and viewing area. 10/2/06-Mr. Stacy Jones Married? Front man (Singer/Song Writer and Guitarist) Stacy Jones has married his long-time Girlfriend Jade Loop in California, it has been said that the Marriage might of been taken in Late Fall. It hasn't been said on the Band's website, however pictures of the wedding has been posted on the internet. Anyways Congrads to Mr. and Mrs. Jones. 5/2006-American Hi-Fi's new single "The Rescue" is featured on yahoo Music, go ahead and check it out. http://www.music.yahoo.com 5/2006- Welcome to the a spankin' new Teenage Alien Nation fan page, go ahead and check it out.
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